The Whole Nurse’s mission is to educate, support and provide strategies for nurses to break the current cycle of endless sacrifice and exhaustion in healthcare. I understand that nurses are more than their labor and sacrifice; they are inherently worthy people whose work as a caregiver shouldn’t limit their own wellbeing. I help nurses recognize and design their path to a more fully realized self. The Whole Nurse helps nurses to:

• Recognize their own inherent worth separate from their work

• Understand what wellness means for them

• Move from exhaustion and burnout to joy and energy

• Develop personalized strategies to move towards healing and post-traumatic growth

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Self-Care isn’t selfish

It’s essential. You are a caregiver and the main tool you reach for isn’t the Electronic Medical Record, it isn’t the latest journal publication, and it’s not your awesome IV skills. It’s empathy. And you need to replenish that empathy so that there is something there to grab when you need it.

You know this. That’s why you’ve been clicking around the web trying to find the answers. And I’ll tell you something else.

Burnout isn’t caused by being weak. And there is something you can do about it. You can get the information and the skills to reinvigorate your career and your life. You can take back control over your life and find your energy again.

The Whole Nurse is here to help you do that with worksheets, blog posts, and workshops. But this self-care, is personal, and that’s why your self-care plan needs to be personalized too.

Self-Care Coaching calls are available. Schedule your 1-hour call now.

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Begin your journey

It’s time to reclaim your life, say goodbye to burn out and rediscover your joy! If you’ve been feeling the need to make changes to rekindle your joy, get a path to greater peace, and find your way back from compassion fatigue and burnout, this is the call for you.

What do you get on your call?

A pre-call questionnaire and a 60 min call with an assessment of where you are overall and an individualized self-care plan based on your needs and budget.

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