The Power of Storytelling

Storytelling is powerful. Do I even have to tell you this? You know this, from marketing to movies, to songs to any media we interact with, storytelling is the most powerful tool humans use to communicate ideas. And now, companies like Google are using data as a way to tell a story.

Storytelling in healthcare has been limited in some ways. Medical shows and movies are often focused on physicians. You have the occasional appearance of other professionals, like with Nurse Jackie, but doctors are the story most of the time.

With this narrow view, those of us in health care find our stories overlooked and unaccounted for. Nurses, for example, are often voted the most trusted profession in America, but often find that the public understands very little about our work. Sometimes, our own colleagues understand very little about our work. The same goes for some other unaccounted for professionals, like Occupational Therapists.

With the rise of social media and new platforms for storytelling, you find that a lot of people traditionally left out of storytelling are finding a platform to share their stories. The questions for health care professionals is what story are we telling and who are we telling it to? What stories do we want to tell?

This is our opportunity to tell our stories about the real work of caregiving. Beyond the role of angel, beyond the role of extra in the scene just following doctors’ orders, we can talk about our experiences in our own voices. What story are you going to tell?

In a couple of months, I am going to be able to share with you how I am working with storytelling and I can’t wait. Stay tuned!

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