How to Stay Hydrated While Traveling

Water is Essential

Water is one of life’s most basic needs. You can’t live without it. Remember when we were in school and we learned that we were 70% water. It’s closer to 60%, but that’s still a lot of water.

So where is it and what does it do?

Water is in all of our body’s cells. Just think of how many things feel bad without moisture, our eyes, our skin, and our mouth and nose. Those things are more external, but we need that moisture internally too. It lubricates and cushions joints, regulates temperature, protects sensitive tissue like our brains. Our saliva, blood, and waste is made up of water. Some vitamins we take in need water to be absorbed. If we don’t get enough water, we may feel tired, dizzy and we may have some trouble with short-term memory and other cognitive skills. If we get too dehydrated, we can have a drop in our blood pressure and

So how much water should we drink in a day? According to the Institute of Medicine, around 80% of our water comes from fluid intake with the rest coming from food. In general, adult men should drink13 8-ounce cups and adult women should drink 9 8-ounce cups of beverages. If it is hot, dry, or you are working hard, you need to drink more.

However, when we travel, we sometimes forget about how important it is.

Stay Hydrated While Traveling

Here are 5 ways to stay hydrated while traveling:

  • Bring your own water bottle and keep water with you everywhere you go
    • We know airport water is seriously overpriced and it just adds more plastic into the environment. Instead, bring your own flask or water bottle to fill up once you are past security. If you are worried about space, get one with a carabiner that you can attach to your bag, so it isn’t taking up space inside your bag.
  • Choose water as your beverage when eating out
    • It’s fun to try the local aperitif, but make sure to drink a glass or two of H20 with meals.
  • Avoid drinking too much caffeine or alcohol
    • What’s a vacation without an espresso in Italy or coffee in Vietnam? I love coffee. But don’t overdo it. Caffeine and alcohol are both diuretics. They make you produce more urine to get rid of instead of keeping that fluid in the body.
  • Be careful about eating foods that can cause traveler’s diarrhea
    • Some street food, meat that is raw or at room temperature can be contaminated. Avoid buffets. Wash your hands. Some people pack antibiotics or drugs like Immodium for their trip, you can ask your doctor if they think its necessary.
    • While I have never been sick in another country, I have gotten sick right here in the USA. Sometimes we can’t control how people prepare food.
  • Use this map to see if the tap water is safe where you are traveling
    • Some places surprised me in eastern Europe (I already had tap water there without knowing about this and thankfully I did not get sick)

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