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Lisa LaBrie

So. Exhausted.

I know the Self-Care industry may have you exhausted. You’re searching the internet for answers to take better care of yourself all while wondering if you should just quit being a nurse. I did the same thing. But self-care is personal and it is not one size fits all. That’s why you can actually search, add it to your cart and be done. Self Care is personal and should be accessible to everyone no matter their budget or life situation.  That’s why I try to offer up content that gives you the knowledge to let you decide how to need to move forward to rediscover your joy in work and life. But it does require you to be Intentional.

Lisa LaBrie RN, BSN

Lisa LaBrie is a nurse, educator, author and speaker focused on helping healthcare professionals learn to care for themselves in order to find joy and meaning in their lives.
She began her career in nursing in 2004, starting as a new graduate in a pediatric oncology and bone marrow transplant unit. In 2009, she moved to adult oncology and bone marrow transplant. In 2011, she helped build a new allogeneic bone marrow transplant program including designing an education program for the nursing staff. From there, she worked as the inpatient nursing educator. In 2014, she struggled to find balance and happiness with work and life. She was regularly exhausted and unsatisfied at work. She wavered between numbness and feeling overwhelmed by emotions. During that time she changed her role at work several times trying to find a solution. Eventually, she went back to school for a Master’s in teaching and planned to leave the nursing profession. In 2017, when she graduated, she took a leave of absence and went to Europe.

Since that time, Lisa realized that she was experiencing serious burnout and compassion fatigue. She spent a great deal of time working with a therapist, reconnecting with herself and her relationships, and realizing that so many others are struggling with the same issues in nursing. She now writes and speaks about self-care for healthcare professionals.


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